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Pigeon Forge Go Kart Tracks


Pigeon Forge has a large selection of go-kart tracks in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains. It certain you’ll find the ride you’re looking for.

  • Adventure Raceway Pigeon Forge
    2945 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
    (865) 428-2971

    Adventure Raceway is a woody coaster style go-kart track. You will climb this multi-tiered track, then you will come down and over the humps. It’s a thrill, for sure. Adventure Raceway also offers bumper boats. It is open March through November with select weekends in the winter.

Blake Jones Racing Center
2891 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 774-5998

Pigeon Forge’s premier indoor and outdoor family amusements is Blake Jones Racing Center. Blake Jones Racing Center features one of the few covered Figure 8 Slick Tracks in the area and the only indoor Electric Go-Karts and Spin Zone Bumper Cars.

Rain or Shine it’s always Racing Time at Blake Jones Racing Center for all ages. When you’re looking for things to do in Pigeon Forge, be sure to come visit Blake Jones on the Parkway for a fast, racing good time.

Pigeon Forge Super Speedway
3275 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 429-4639

Pigeon Forge Super Speedway is another one-stop Pigeon Forge destination for the entire family. Separate beginner and advanced go-kart tracks allows you to try your child out on an easier racetrack before placing them on the more challenging racetrack. While family members are racing, young ones can enjoy several children’s rides.

Pigeon Forge Super Speedway also features the SkyCoaster, known as RipCordor Xtreme SkyFlyer in other parts of the US. An amusement ride where you (and another) are harnessed and lifted upward as well as backward, when you pull the release your body swings in a free fall that’s up to 220 feet at speeds approaching 70 mph just barely six feet off the ground. You never hear anyone ride this Pigeon Forge attraction and not scream!

Speedzone Fun Park Pigeon Forge
2782 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 453-0400

Speedzone Fun Park claims the tallest wooden track in the area and a specially designed kiddie tack. All 4 of their racetracks are custom built with corners and curves to put your go-cart racing skills to the test. Open year round, including weekends during winter months, weather permitting.

The Track in Pigeon Forge
2575 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 453-4777

The Track in Pigeon Forge is a one stop family playground. There is ample parking in the front and rear. The track has a woody coaster and paved track with lots of challenging twists and turns. This is a great go-kart track for competitive drivers.

The Track also offers other fun activities for your family. Kiddie Land, with its several amusement rides especially for children and its own kiddie racetrack. A large indoor arcade, bumper boats, putt-putt golf, bungee jumping and more at The Track in Pigeon Forge. Open all year, weather permitting.

  • Xtreme Racing Pigeon Forge
    3144 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
    (865) 774-7006

    Xtreme Racing Pigeon Forge takes go-kart racing to a whole new level with state of the art go-karts built to go 40mph! Place that racing helmet on and strap that safety harness on and get ready for one heck of a drive!

Ripley’s Super Fun Park

Looking for a thrilling adventure? At Ripley’s Super Fun Park the multi-level track corkscrews up three and a half stories, bringing you down and around with all sorts of twists and turns. A bit too much? Ripley’s Super Fun Park has tracks for every skill level. Providing Go-Kart fun for all ages, you can also enjoy a ride on the classic and curvy Family Track or let the kids take the wheel on the Kiddie & Rookie Tracks. Strap into a single or double kart and—ready, set, go—let the memory making begin.

Lazor Port Fun Center

Standing at 50 feet high, our Laser Port Go Kart track is one of the newest and tallest in Pigeon Forge. With spirals that drop you, twist you, turn you and plunge you straight down a breathtaking 40 foot hill, this is definitely a race track made for the thrill seekers.

Must be 56″ and under 300 lbs. to drive a Single Kart. Must be 56″ and 16 years old to drive a Double Kart. Double Kart riders must be at least 3 years old. The total weight for the Double Kart driver and passenger must not exceed 500 lbs. 

NASCAR Speedpark

Looking for a challenge? This track is so tough it’s named after The Intimidator, racing legend Dale Earnhardt. With 8 tight curves, this can’t-miss track is a fan favorite and sure to thrill.

Who will capture the checkered flag on the longest track at NASCAR SpeedPark? This quarter-mile, D-oval-shaped track features a 3/8-scale version of an actual NASCAR Cup Series car.

Looking for a challenge? This track is so tough it’s named after The Intimidator, racing legend Dale Earnhardt. With 8 tight curves, this can’t-miss track is a fan favorite and sure to thrill.

Expect max excitement on every lap on this short, 750-foot route that features multiple tight, banked turns.

Put the pedal to the metal on this wide, oval track that features two long straightaways. This track definitely earns its name because it’s perfect for NASCAR-style, side-by-side racing action.

At 1,100 feet, this track combines the best of both worlds and features aired out straight sections similar to The Competitor paired with Intimidator-style tight turns.

Get ready for family fun … NASCAR style! This hourglass-shaped road course is perfect for younger drivers ready for a little more speed. Features both single and double-seater karts so the whole family can race together.

This rookie-paced track allows younger drivers to get a feel for the real thing before hitting cruising speed on one of our more advanced tracks.

Get ready to take photos when your mini Earnhardt gets behind the wheel on this 200-foot starter track. First-time drivers will think they’re “flying” around the oval, but you’ll know the truth (wink).

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