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Forge Your Own Knife


Iron Mountain Metal Craft

Iron Mountain Metal Craft strives to preserve and pass on the knowledge, art, and skills of working metal including blacksmithing & blade-smithing. The passion for metal-smithing is shared with the public. Education is their primary goal. Iron Mountain Metal Craft sponsors a variety of skill and knowledge-building workshops including beginning blacksmith classes, project based blacksmithing classes. They are a family oriented organization and all are welcome.

Iron Mountain Metal Craft is run by Forged in Fire Fan Favorite, Robby Bowman. Robby is also known as the “Smokey Mountain Cowboy” and for his signature phrase, “Wooooo!”. He brings charisma and a life-time worth of skill to the shop. He’s a great instructor wether you are forging a Nail Knife or working through a Dream Knife with him.

Uncle Hanks Knives

Knife Making Classes

Here are the details for Uncle Hanks Knives, located at 104 Knife Works Lane Sevierville TN

  • Private Classes up to 4 in your party making a knife. It’s a real teaching class.
  • You do the Hammering and the Twisiting of the handle, taught step by step of the procces, then hardening and quenching of your knife.
  • The knife is built to fit your hand.
  • Two classes are offered, Regular and Adavnced
  • Advanced class you join Hank on the grinder and more tricks of the trade
  • There isn’t an age limit, but there is an ability limit. Just to note, the youngest knife maker was 5yr and the oldest was 90 years old.
  • For Appointment call 865-366-2900
  • Hours: Tuesday – Satuday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Circle Bar T Forge

Circle Bar T has a passion for blacksmithing and bladesmithing. Brent’s years of experience from behind an anvil include making and shaping horse shoes, creating tools such as hammers, tongs, and punches, and bladesmithing, along with all types of ornamental and functional blacksmithing.

In addition to offering blacksmithing lessons for individuals and groups, Circle Bar T Forge of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee makes a variety of metal crafts and offers custom works for those who are interested in commissioning a unique piece. 

Whether you are interested in booking a birthday, bachelor(ette) party, or team building event; or have a special piece in mind you’d like Brent’s help in creating, Circle Bar T looks forward to hearing about it. 


Take home your handiwork along with memories that are created at one of the My Bearfoot Cabins.
Pat and Don Kirchhoefer, Owners