The Smoky Mountains Benefit Your Health

No matter if it is an outdoor adventure, a historic event or a and local festival, the Great Smoky Mountains is a favorite vacation and adventure destination. There are miles of attractions and peaceful mountain trails with mature forests.  If you want fresh air, low stress  and a lifestyle, even if it short lived to benefit your health, then the Smoky Mountains should be on your bucket list of destinations.

A drive to destination for most of the country
From the Midwest, the Great Smoky Mountains are only 500 miles and less than a two hour flight, making it an ideal destination for a  family vacation. From the northeast, travel time isn’t much different.  There’s nothing like fresh air and freedom that the mountains of Eastern Tennessee can offer.

The Smoky Mountains offer 800 miles of trails and range from easy to strenuous for all ages and abilities. There are shorter paved pathways that lead to waterfalls or trails that go further into the hills to experience nature and wildlife, which is abundant in the Smokies.

Challenging Activities
Get refreshed with Smoky Mountain air and calorie burning adventure on hiking trails while you’re at it.  Another thrilling outdoor option is whitewater rafting.   It’s the best way to cool down in the summer.  See nature views that can’t be seen from anywhere when you raft the Pigeon River.

And what about zip lining?  Thrill-seekers can zip between the trees at a zip line or ropes course. These fun and challenging activities have some of the best views of the Smokies from above. There are zip lines as long as 2,000 feet.

Relaxing Atmosphere
When it’s time to wind down in the Smoky Mountains, there’s nowhere like the south. Relish a slower pace of life and rock away on the deck of one of the My Bearfoot Cabins while sipping a morning coffee.  Or take a relaxing soak in the hot tub to ease sore muscles after a day of hiking.  

Research shows that vacations can improve physical and mental health, so be sure to use your vacation days for a good night’s rest and a peaceful adventure in the Smoky Mountains. Whether you want to stay active or settle down, the Smokies are an ideal place for a stress free vacation.

A visit to the hills of East Tennessee is an unforgettable experience, so open up a world of adventure by vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains with My Bearfoot Cabins.