Perfect View of God’s Painted Picture

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When my husband told me he found another cabin to stay in, I was scared as last year it wasn’t what we thought it would be. However this year when we arrived it was breathtaking!! A perfect view of God’s painted picture, A place where my family can spend quality time with one another (As my husband is gone week’s at a time), A beautiful dinning room table we can all join as one and eat while looking at the most beautiful view! It’s vacations like this that make the drive all worth it!! The cabin was clean and very warming.. Can’t wait to enjoy the rest of are time here and plan next year’s trip!!

J. Wakefield

Here is her husband’s review:
absolutely love the cabin here at bear foot adventure. breathtaking view and very spacious cabin lots of stuff here to do. quality and family time means everything to me and this is the perfect place and cabin to spend it. will be back next yr for a week. thanks pat

C. Wakefield

Pat’s Response:
I’m speechless. I am completely humbled by your comments. Thank you.  You have made my day. Thank you fir the compliment. We have more coming for Bearfoot Adventure. We want our guests to make memories that they will talk about fir many years to come. Welcome, to the Wakefield family.

September 28, 2018

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