I’ve never had a better equipped kitchen

I’ve never had a better equipped kitchen
Bearfoot Paradise
April 29, 2017

We were in Bearfoot Paradise last weekend and I just want you to know how very much we enjoyed it!  We had a friend, my daughter, her husband and my 4 yr old and 5 mo old grandchildren with us.  The bedroom downstairs was perfect for keeping the baby away from the bustle of all of us for naps.  Because you had wifi our baby monitor worked very well!  The other bedrooms were just wonderful and the entire cabin was so very clean!  We enjoyed all the activities on the top floor, playing pool, air hockey, foosball and the game unit.  And my granddaughter was so excited when she found the chest with Jenga and other fun games.  The rain was no problem!  So much to do – and haven’t even got to the clean hot tub with controllable heat!  Lastly, I’ve been renting cabins for 20 years for my family and I’ve never had more equipped kitchen with such quality dinnerware!  The pots and pans were in great shape and since it was a rainy weekend we cooked a lot and sat around that big table.  So, all in all I just wanted you to  know that even tho it rained we had a wonderful time and continued the good care we could see you provided for your cabin.  We had an odd situation with needing a cabin rental and from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for making what could have been a bad time into a lasting family memory for all of us.  Thank you very very much!  We will stay with you again for sure!

Theresa Dinvalds
Stayed April 21, 2017

Pat’s Response:
You have touched my heart in a way that words cannot describe.  

When I received a call that guests were unable to stay in the cabin they booked and in immediate need, I didn’t hesitate to say, “Yes, we are in the hospitality business and we cannot disappoint a guest, so yes, let them stay in Bearfoot Paradise”.  I have many guests, but I have never had a review such as this.  

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  I would love to host you again so you can Escape to Times Past in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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