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Tennessee Mountain Paintball

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Tennessee Mountain Paintball is a locally owned business geared towards families and groups. There are many courses with attention to detail and layout to provide the best excitement for your particular group.

Regular paintball session:
Daily entrance fee includes all-day compressed air!
First reservations must have at least 4 players. Once we hit our 4 player minimum smaller groups can book.Reservations should be made 24 hours in advance. Reservations made on the same day are subject availability.
3 Hours

Kids Soft Paintball
Tennessee Mountain Paintball Park offers our Kids Soft Paintball Games which is recommended for children from ages 7,8 & 9. This is a PAIN-FREE format of paintball in where kids get to play the game. This is a great option if you are looking for a unique Birthday Party. Paintballing is fun and interactive for all ages! We take the “pain” out of paintball!

Laser Tag
It’s the game of tag like it’s never been played before!
Laser Tag is an exciting combination of tag and hide & seek with a little Star Trek thrown in for good measure. Players compete in teams to find and tag their opponents using high-tech lasers. Obstacles on the battlefield create opportunities to hide and ambush opponents. With a little bit of strategy, some quick wits (and even quicker reflexes) your team will emerge victorious. It’s a blast for kids from 8 to 80, and an awesome way to boost office morale. Call us for game times and pricing today. Book in advance if possible to secure your equipment.

Pricing and full details can be found on the website here.


My Bearfoot Cabins offers two luxury cabins for your family or group to enjoy with ideal locations to all area venues and the National Park.
Pat and Don Kirchhoefer, Owners