Social Media, Marketing & Blogger Pro Visits My Bearfoot Log Cabins

Here’s the Excitement

© Insight Photography 2015
© Insight Photography 2015

What could be more exciting, humbling, and unbelievable, than to have a rock star from the Social Media, Marketing and Blogging world vacationing in one of your very own log cabins in the Smoky Mountains?


The Stage was Set

I met Wade Harman on Google.  I don’t know exactly how it happened, but our paths cross.  You know how Social Media can put people in your life.  After a little back and forth, Wade agreed to stay in our 2BR/2BA log cabin, Bearfoot Memories in Bear Creek Crossing Resort, for a family vacation.  This Pigeon Forge, TN vacation rental was the perfect fit.


The Event

I decided to meet up with Wade and his family one day while my family was also visiting the Smoky Mountains.  I still can’t picture how all this came together so perfectly, as our time at the log cabins had already been pre-determined.  Wade’s dynamite personality on line, was much more laid back and relaxed in person.  We sat around the kitchen table in this rustic log cabin.  It was just like family.  We discussed Social Media and Marketing while Erica, his wife folded socks (she was doing laundry).  All the while, Wade’s two boys were playing in the log cabin and watching the flat screen TV in the master bedroom.  It was a typical a family vacation.

finish line

Post Vacation

We returned home to Southern Illinois, and I received a notification in my inbox.  Low and behold Wade had written a Blog about his vacation and associated it with being a social media, marketing, blogging guru.  

To be honest, I’m still trying to process it all.  The people, an international audience, became up close and personal with Bearfoot Memories log cabin through Wade’s blog.  I’ve met even more people through his blog.


Here’s Your Chance

I’m thrilled to provide you with the link to Wade Harman’s blog.  Please check out the photos of the cabin.  Feel free to give Wade a shout and please leave him a comment.  Wade and I both would love to hear from you.

Pat Kirchhoefer, owner