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Grocery Delivery Services

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Smoky Mountain Grocery

The Only State Licensed Grocery Delivery Company in the Smoky Mountains!

What would be easier than Smoky Mountain Grocery delivering your groceries while you are traveling to the Smoky Mountains. Don’t want to fight the traffic? Skip the drive to the store and instead drive to the mountains. Smoky Mountain Grocery will take shopping and now offer Pre-Arrival service. Call ahead to have your kitchen stocked before you arrive! Click on the bold, green letters to be directed to the website.

Shannon’s Deliveries

Grocery shopping, delivery service, and personal shopper in the Smoky Mountains

Shannon’s Deliveries can provide a better service as a local personal shopper. I am able to give you all my experience in finding the best quality fruits and vegetables.”

As with any delivery business, communication is the key to a successful experience. Users will need to download an app to order and receive deliveries. After much research, we came to the conclusion that Dumplin is the right App for us to stay in contact with our clients.

Availability – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Phone:  (865) 230-6634



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