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RainForest Adventures

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Located in the heart of the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, near both Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, RainForest Adventures Zoo is open year-round with lots of things to see and do!

RainForest Zoo has been themed by one of the nation’s finest zoological contractors, whose work includes the Animal Kingdom at Disney World.

Featuring over 600 live animals, representing over 130 species, the RainForest Zoo is home to unique and beautiful creatures from the rain forests of the world.

Your edZOOcation starts right here!

In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.”

Baba Dioum, Environmentalist

The Education Department of RainForest Adventures Zoo is committed to helping students of all ages develop caring attitudes towards nature and the many wonders it contains.

Your class trip to the RainForest is only a click away. The following are the basic guidelines for planning your trip to the RainForest. Please feel free to contact us via email to schedule your field trip (questions are ok too!)

Qualified Groups:

  • All public and private school Groups of 20 or more students (Max Group size is 250 students)


  • $8.00 per student (Ages 2-12)
  • $14.00 per student (Ages 13+)
  • Additional Chaperones are only $14.00 ea.
    *** Please check with the Rainforest Adventure website for adjustments in rates.
Your Students Zoo Exploration!

Like all good explorations, a little planning goes a long way! Here is a brief explanation of what your group will experience while visiting

RainForest Zoo on a field trip to the Smokies.

What happens when we arrive?

  • Your students will arrive at a greeting by one of our educational staff, the students will be seated for a 30-45 min. the presentation that is structured to the applicable grade level of the students.
  • Our Educators have many years of experience helping students of all ages discover the many unique and interesting aspects of the natural world around us.
  • The group is then released to view all of the animals on exhibit. The average length of stay for K-8 is 1 hour and 45 min., slightly longer for older grades.
  • You are encouraged to bring cameras and video cameras to capture this truly unique educational experience.
  • Your group is welcome to shop in AMAZON TRADERS the most fun and educational gift shop you have ever seen!

Opened in June of 2001, RainForest Adventures is a unique educational facility featuring live animals from around the world. Focusing primarily on the fragile eco-systems of the world’s rain forests our goal is to introduce students of all ages to the living jewels that are the earth’s natural spaces and motivate them to take action, to learn about, and ultimately help protect our living natural treasures.

The following material is provided free to educators to assist in preparing their students for an educational and exciting field trip to Rain Forest Adventures and beyond!

The programs have been produced to cater to the specific grade range of your students. If you find you need additional information or wish to inquire in anyway please contact us directly via email, it is our goal to help you motivate and excite your students.

“Caring results from understanding”

Why take this Field Trip?

Pre-K students are wonderfully curious about plants, animals, and the natural world around them. Teaching them about what they already have an interest in produces great results! Our exhibits were created with the student in mind; educational signage, as well as natural habitats, spurs the student’s minds to engage in the experience around them.

What will the students be exposed to?

Your Pre-K students will be participate in an edcucatinoal program that features mammals, birds, reptiles and even some creepy crawly things! Our exhibits as well as animal collection expose your students to virtually every aspect of our planets eco-systems in a fun and exciting manner geared towards students of all ages.

How easy to use are the programs?

All of our programs are developed by grade range to ensure ease of use and applicable material by age range. You will find the programs extremely self-explanatory.

Pre K pricing for groups is:

  • $8.00 per student
  • Additional Chaperones are only $14.00 ea.
  • *** Please check with the Rainforest Adventure website for adjustments in rates.

Located at 109 NASCAR Drive, Sevierville TN 


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