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Outdoor Gravity Park

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Climb inside a giant, clear, inflatable ball, then roll downhill for 1,000 feet, tumbling down a grassy track. This is “zorbing,” and the only place you can do it in the United States is at Pigeon Forge’s Outdoor Gravity Park! Try the Extreme ZigZag for crazy, crooked fun, the Fast Track for speed, or the Funnel, combining high speed and exciting turns.

Dive like Superman into an 11 foot giant inflatable ball and roll down our 1000 ft hill!!! Invented in New Zealand, the Outdoor Gravity Park is the only zorbing park in the USA!! Just ADD 10 gallons of water and up to 3 people, you slip and slide down the hill with 3 different tracks to choose from. Cold water in the summer, 90 degree warm water in the winter. This in an unforgettable experience, make sure you cross it off your bucket list!!


There’s a thrill around every turn, and it doesn’t stop once you arrive at one of the
My Bearfoot Cabins.
Pat and Don Kirchhoefer, owners