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Other Wedding Venues in the Smoky Mountains


Titanic Museum

Weddings and Vow Renewals at Titanic are the perfect choice for couples seeking an experience of pure romance, beauty and elegance. Here, the Gilded Age of magnificent excess lives again as bride and groom take their vows standing on the Grand Staircase or at the waters edge.

The Magnolia

The Magnolia Venue was explicitly designed with the adventurous couple searching for a Pinterest-inspired Smoky Mountain wedding in mind. Fall in love with remarkable mountain views, versatile indoor and outdoor reception space, and much more. And don’t worry, we have recommended handpicked experts to make planning it all from afar a breeze.

Rock’n Rooster

Walking into the Rock’n Rooster room you are surrounded by a warm pine wood interior illuminated by dimmable lights.

Rooms on either side of the stage were hand decorated by the owner herself, and are perfect for bride and groom quarters, or quaint resting areas.

The spacious room also features a built in bar and kitchenette that can be used for drinks, desserts, or whatever else you can imagine.


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