Llama Hiking in the Smoky Mountains


So, hiking with llamas, you say? Not the most common thing you would expect to do, however, until you try it, you won’t be let down! Imagine yourself, on a trail among tall trees in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. At your side is a fluffy, unique animal that you probably have never had the chance to be up close with….a llama!

You will cross a few bridges over a sparkling creek with your new llama. The llama is easy to lead and follows calmly wherever you go. 

After a leisure hike through the forest, you will stop and enjoy lunch by a waterfall. The llamas have their snacks too…bananas, cookies, granola bars, sweet feed…just about anything you bring they will eat! The pretty views, thick trees, mountains and sparkling creeks will steal your heart. Kids can intermingle and pet the llamas! 

Each season in the beautiful Smoky Mountains is picture perfect and will delight you!

Make special memories with your family and friends…hiking with llamas will be an unforgettable trip that you will treasure for a lifetime! You will be captivated by the stunning views and impressed with the friendly llamas who don’t spit.

You DO NOT ride the llamas-the llamas carry everything you need for a relaxing day and will keep you, your children and your friends entertained and fascinated all day long! 

If you are looking for a unique hike in the Smoky Mountains give The Wandering LLamas a call today to schedule your experience.

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