This is where the Fun and Excitement of a Smoky Mountain Log Cabin Vacation Begins


You have your log cabin booked and the anticipation is overwhelming. There’s that special moment when you walk through the door of your vacation rental and you can’t believe your eyes. Your kids are totally convinced you have reached rock star status because you are staying at one of the My Bearfoot Log Cabins. But, then it happens, little Bobby says, “Hey mom, where are my swimming trunks?” You know the moment. It’s that sinking feeling that maybe you forgot more than the swimming trunks.   Then little Sally says, “Did you bring my favorite pillow”? Oh my, this isn’t good.

Well, here’s the log cabin rescue packing list. I’m going to try to do all the thinking for you. All you have to do is follow these easy guidelines. So, here we go.

Here is what you should pack when coming to stay at My Bearfoot Log Cabins and the Smoky Mountains. Please take note of comments in parenthesis.

 If you have questions about what is in the log cabin, please just ask.


 Foodgrocery bag

o Snacks for the drive

o Snacks to stick in a backpack for a hike in the Smoky Mountains

o Popcorn (to watch a movie on the large HD televisions with surround sound)

o Non-perishables for meals (pick up perishables at the local    Wal-Mart, Food City, Publix or Kroger)

o Breakfast foods

o Drinks

o Picnic foods

o Bottled water 

o Coffee & coffee filters

o Condiments

o Spices/Salt/Pepper

Kitchen Stuff


o Dish towels and washcloths (There is a starter set of dishcloths and towels in all cabins)

o Disposable dishes and cups (There are dishes and silverware to accommodate the maximum allowed guests in the cabins)

o Sharpie for writing names on cups

o Crock pot, to have dinner ready after a hike (a crock pot is supplied in all cabins)

o Extra Paper towels

o Favorite pans/dishes needed for meals (All log cabins have a selection of pots and pans and a roaster. If you are planning a holiday and you are cooking in the log cabin, you may want to bring a special roaster, etc.)

o Corkscrew (The log cabins have them when we leave. Sometimes they have a way of disappearing)

o Baggies for leftovers

o Charcoal/Lighter fluid/Matches 

o Dishwasher detergent or dish washing soap (A starter set is supplied)

o Trash bags (There are a few trash bags provided, but you will surely need more if you are staying for three days or more)

o Aluminum foil and plastic wrap (Aluminum foil is suggested for park style charcoal grill.  Cover grill, cut holes for grease.  Your food will have the grill marks and taste just as good with the charcoal flavor).

o Pot Holders (I supply them, but sometimes they get dirty and housekeeping takes them in to be washed or may need to get rid of them)

o Laundry Detergent (Many people have allergies or desire a certain detergent)




o Regular clothes, as needed

o Swimsuit for the hot tub/pool, along with a cover-up (A new swimsuit is not advisable for the hot tub. The higher than normal chlorine and the heat can damage swim wear)

o Layers for hiking

o Hiking boots

o Rain jacket

o Comfy clothes for hanging out around the cabin

o Hats, gloves, etc.

o Flip-flops (for wearing to the hot tub, the resort pool, or in the many mountain streams)

o Sunglasses

o Extra hangers (There are hangers in the log cabins, but not for a full wardrobe, so if you have a lot of clothes, you may want to bring more)

o Water shoes (if you’re planning to go white water rafting or tubing)

o Laundry bag

o Toiletries

o Your personal bathroom stuff

o Soap (There is a starter set of bath soap, but you will need to bring more)

o Tooth Brush/Tooth Paste/Floss

o Shampoo/conditioner

o Sun Block (even in the winter, the sun can be strong when skiing or hiking)

o Insect repellent

o Lip balm

o Nail clippers

o Tissues

o Sewing kit

o Extra toilet paper

o Beach Towels (if you are planning to use the Hot Tub or the resort pool)

o Hair Dyer (Cabins have hair dryers, unless they have been taken by previous guests)


 First Aid Kitfirst-aid-kit

o Pain killer (adult and child)

o Over-the-counter medicines (especially cough and cold meds)

o Band-aids

o Allergy pills

o Thermometer

o Vaseline

o Bandages

o Anti-bacterial gel

o Safety pins

o Antibiotic ointment

o Prescription medications



o Camera and accessories

o Extra memory card for camera

o Laptop (WIFI is available in all cabins)

o Cell phone charger

o Flashlight

o Extension cord

o Spare batteries

o Fan



o Cards and other games

o Movies and books (All cabins have digital surround sound and a Bluray player. There are many Red Box locations in Pigeon Forge for the latest releases so you can enjoy a night at the movies right in the cabin. Don’t forget the popcorn)

o Toys for kids

o Binoculars


o Map (even if you have a GPS, it’s still a good idea to have a good map of the area GPS is not perfect in the mountains. There are maps are available just about everywhere. Make sure to pick one up. Shortcuts from the log cabins can be found in the Welcome Book.)

o Your own pillows (You will sleep better. Even my husband has to have his own pillow)

o Extra blankets (There is extra bedding, but again this is a personal preference thing. My grandkids do this.)

o Extra car keys

o Wet wipes 

o Laundry detergent/Fabric Softener

o Backpack (for hiking in the Smoky Mountains National Park)

o Picnic basket

o Plastic tablecloth for the picnic tables.

o Extra towels and wash cloths (Each log cabin has a washer and dryer)

o Fishing Equipment

Enjoy your Smoky Mountain Log Cabin vacation and please come back and see us soon.

Pat Kirchhoefer, owner