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Fresh Grocery Delivery Service to your Log Cabin

Arrive to a fully stocked

Smoky Mountain Kitchen


Don’t forget about food in your log cabin!    images

You have planned your vacation for weeks, maybe months.  You have one of the My Bearfoot Cabins reserved, you’ve made reservations for zip lining, horseback riding, white water rafting and some great shows.  You even have a great picnic planned for Metcalf Bottoms, only 15 minutes from the cabin inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  But wait, what about food?

11427193_667208006744441_3762542338370553120_nAre We There Yet?

The car is packed, the kids are rounded up, everyone has their favorite pillow……READY, SET, GO!!  Are we there yet?  The excitement builds……and you finally arrive to one of the                My Bearfoot Cabins.  But wait, what about food?

Mom, I’m hungry!hngry kid

Everyone, out of the car, and make sure you take your suitcase with you.  Let’s get settled in to our log cabin so we can start our vacation right away.  And then the dreaded words, “Mom, I’m hungry”.  You reply, “Okay, let’s go grab a bite and then we will go GROCERY SHOPPING“.  At that very moment, you hear the most horrible sound come out of your children’s mouths.  In a high pitched screech, you hear, “WE’RE ON VACATION, I DON’T WANT TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING!”

12788106_770690659729508_1618181533_nSheri’s Store to Door to the Rescue

A mom always wants to look like a brilliant rock star to her children, and there’s no better way to accomplish this than arriving at one of the My Bearfoot Cabins to a fully stocked kitchen and refrigerator.  It’s simple….plan your meals and go to Sheri’s Store to Door website.  You can find practically an entire grocery store on Sheri’s website along with amounts.  A few days prior to leaving for the Smoky Mountains, of to Sheri’s website, add items to your shopping cart, pay the bill securely on line, and when you arrive at your cabin your food will be there.  

Sheri’s Statement

Sheri’s has desired to make a personal statement to all My Bearfoot Cabin guests.

“Removing some of the hassle and giving our customer’s more time to enjoy their vacation is our goal. We make the online grocery shopping experience both quick and easy by eliminating the need to get your groceries when you arrive. Driving through heavy traffic and going to a crowded grocery store is no way to begin a relaxing vacation. Our time saving, affordable, easy to use online shopping and delivery service lets you shop before you leave on your trip and schedule when you would like your order delivered to your cabin”.

Yay MOM!st_mothers1

Now that you are a rock star Mom, it’s time to have fun with the family.  Remember, My Bearfoot Cabins will always have you in mind to make your vacation the best possible.