Looking for a unique attraction while visiting the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee?
Forbidden Caverns is a cave under the Great Smoky Mountains where natural caverns are large and amazing! Tour guides take you on an fascinating journey through the cave and tell you the history and the science behind the formations. Souvenirs are available to remember this astounding feature under the mountains. 

History of the Caverns

The Forbidden Caverns were explored by the eastern woodland native Americans and used as a shelter in the winter. With its continual flow of water, it was the perfect place to wait out winter. Scientists believe this water is from an underground lake under English Mountain, which is known for its spring water.

In the early 1900s, the cave was used as a place to make moonshine. The cave was the perfect place to hide what moonshiners were doing. There’s a replica of a homemade moonshine still on the tour.

In 1964, a group of businessmen opened Forbidden Caverns to the public, so people could learn about the history of the cave and the formations inside. The official opening was in 1967 after years of development to make it safe for people to visit.

Forbidden Caverns Tour

When visiting Forbidden Caverns, you will be given a tour of the caverns. The knowledgable guides will show you through the caverns, explain the history and science behind the caverns, and will answer all your questions! You will see dazzling rock formations that are lit up with colorful lights to highlight their natural beauty. The stream that runs through the caverns is so clear you can see every rock in the water!

All types of formations can be seen in the cavern. There is cave onyx, grottos, and flowstone, plus stalagmites and stalactites. Draperies flow down from the ceiling. Some draperies have water flowing down their surface. Don’t be surprised if you see bats flying around the cave! Bats live in dark, damp places, so Forbidden Caverns is an ideal place for bats to call home.

Things to Know

Forbidden Caverns is an attraction for people of every age. Handrails are available on the tour for children and older guests. Trails are well lit, ensuring guests can see well.

Forbidden Caverns has a temperaure in the upper 50s. A light jacket for anyone who typically gets chilly is appropriate.

Good walking shoes is advisable since you will be walking through the tour, which lasts about an hour. There will be very small water puddles along there tour path.

Parking at Forbidden Caverns is free! The ticket prices are $16 for adults, $10 for children ages 5 to 12, and children ages 4 and younger are free. The reasonable cost makes this one of the most budget friendly things to do in the Smokies! If you are planning on coming with a large group, discounts are offered. Calling ahead to acquire the group special is advisable.

Forbidden Caverns is open Monday through Saturday, and it is closed on Sunday. It is open April through November during the year. They open at 10 a.m. and close at 6 p.m.

Enjoy RefreshmentsEnjoy Refreshments

After touring Forbidden Caverns, stop by the souvenir shop and purchase some unique items! You can also buy refreshments and sit at the picnic pavilion to enjoy the view of the Smoky Mountains.

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