Dig’n Zone Theme Park – My Bear Foot Cabins

Dig’n Zone Theme Park


So many people, including us have been watching and waiting and wondering what in the world the Dig’n Zone Theme Park could be about. The time has come beginning March 1, 2024. The easiest way is to go to the website, but I’m providing the pieces of equipment your child can operate here. There’s so much information on the website to help with tickets, day passes, food, and much more.

1. Tickets & Entrance
2. Loading Zone Gifts
3. Dig’N Party Area
4. Forklift Fun Center
5. Dig In Cafe
6. Pavilion
7. Cat 992 Bucket
8. Worlds Largest Tire
9. Hard Hat Stage
10. Events Area
11. Diggy’s Treasures Gem Mine
12. L’il Dig’N Zone
13. Skid’n 1

14. Diggy Bear Express
15. Decimator
16. Tumble Town
17. Later Gator
18. Pipeliner
19. Plunkey Monkey
20. Dig’N Pit
21. Electric Mine Car
22. L’il Loco Barrel Train
23. Dig’N Derby
24. Rock’N Roll’N
25. Skid’n 2
26. Farm Hands

27. Cut & Run
28. Gator Grand Prix
29. Peddl’N
30. Boogie Buggies
31. The Crusher
32. Northwest 190D
33. Bay City Dragline
34. Euclid Dump Truck
35. Northwest 25D
36. Bucyrus ERie 88D
37. Northwest 80D
38. CAT 769C

1707 Veterans Blvd


After you visit Dig’n Zone, you can ‘DIG’ the My Bearfoot Cabins you have chosen for your stay in the incredible, one and only, Great Smoky Mountains. Give us a call, send us an email, text us, visit our page on Facebook and Instagram and most of all, go to the https://mybearfootcabins.com website to have many of your questions answered, look at the availability calendar, get a full quote and book your stay.

Pat and Don Kirchhoefer, owners