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Challenging Escape Games in Gatlinburg That Will Test You

Gatlin’s Escape Games

Race against the clock to conquer the 3 themed escape rooms at Gatlin’s Escape Games! These thrilling games at Gatlin’s Fun Center feature props, lighting and sound effects to add to all of the fun! The Legend of Atlantis challenges you to find your way through hidden doors and secret passageways to discover the Temple of Poseidon, while the Moonshine Hill Hootenanny requires you to put an end to Maw’s secret moonshine recipe! If you prefer a creepy escape game, check out the Haunting of Hyde House where you must reunite a restless spirit with her cherished doll!


Headcase Escape Adventures

Some of the best escape games in Gatlinburg can be found at Headcase Escape Adventures, which offers 5 incredible rooms to try! The Aztec Temple requires you to race for a series of hidden idols to escape a temple that has been accidentally closed, while Goliath features a remote cabin in the Smokies with a dangerous secret. The Wild West Blazin’ Breakout puts you into the shoes of a criminal trying to escape jail and Merlin’s Secret Chamber forces you to break a terrible spell. Finally, the Doomsday Bomber room requires you to locate a weapon of mass destruction to disable it!


The Captured Escape Game

The Captured Escape Game at the base of the Gatlinburg Space Needle contains 2 interactive live escape games for your entertainment! This attraction is unique in that it features a central storyline with each of the escape rooms serving as a separate chapter. The basic premise is that you have been invited to dinner by the Crafts, a family of cannibals who feast on unwitting tourists who visit the Smoky Mountains! The Cellar is the first chapter where you have been captured by the Crafts and must escape from the basement before you become dinner. The second chapter is Scarlett’s Room where you must avoid becoming a victim of one of Scarlett Craft’s multiple personalities!


Stay with My Bearfoot Cabins

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