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Beyond the Lens!


Beyond the Lens! keeps your family entertained for hours. The attraction is virtual reality and that features hidden items that is only located through your phone app.

There are countless things you never thought of to interact with. You can walk the red carpet with paparazzi taking your picture. How about leaving your hand print on the sidewalk?

When you find Bigfoot you’ll be able to take a selfie. Who doesn’t want to lay on a $50 million stack of bills? Eery trip to Tennessee deserves a photo with Elvis, just imagine it.

There’s physical fun, too. Jump into the Alien Egg Pit to put a grin on the faces of the grown-ups in your group.

Visit Jurassic Park and futuristic Robo Wars. Go on a scavenger hunt for celebrity pets that can only be seen using the app. Then, get a prize when you collect them all.

Soar over mountain tops and skim over lakes in a suspended, free-floating multi-person ride that glides and tilts giving you the most inspiring ride of your life.
Full motion seats that dip, turn and soar.
Giant 4 story curved screen.
Wind, scents, and other amazing effects.
4 x 25000-lumen 4K laser projectors blended to create a 60’ wide immersive image
Full range Digital Audio System
More than 5 years in the making
Produced by the Academy Award-nominated IMAX filmmakers

FlyRide® is a breathtaking and fully immersive ride that gives passengers the thrilling feeling of flight. ARE YOU READY TO TAKE FLIGHT?

Beyond the Lens! is one place to take the kids where the parents have fun as well.

Beyond the Lens!
2115 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Tel: 865-366-1609

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