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Best Candy Shops in Gatlinburg


I would venture to say you have a favorite candy shop from your child. The bright colors, the rush of sugar, the crazy names and recipes. If you haven’t been to candy shop, (because they mostly don’t exist any longer) there are plenty of old-fashioned candy kitchens to whet your taste buds and give your children a treat, in more ways than one.

Vacation is a time to treat yourself. So spoil yourself and your family with genuine, tasty treats from the best candy stores in Gatlinburg?

Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen

The Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen has been drawing crowds of spectators to its patio for decades. Watching the candy making process is something of a tradition at old fashioned candy stores, and the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen is no exception. Enjoy their fudge, rock candy and lollipops while watching them make the chocolates. Of course, we all know chocolate it a wonderful comfort food.

 Aunt Mahalia’s Candies

Aunt Mahalia’s Candies homemade candy kitchen has been around since 1939. Their specialty is making the finest boxed candy. 

Aunt Mahalia’s boxed candy is more than a generic box of chocolates. Each handcrafted chocolates is uniquely made. But don’t think that you’re limited to fancy chocolates when you come here. You can pick up just about any sweet treat. 

Fudge Shop of the Smokies

The Fudge Shop of the Smokies has two locations in Gatlinburg! 

All of their fudge is made with delectable Dutch chocolate. The Fudge Shop of the Smokies makes a huge variety of fudge. They have everything from penuche to cookies and cream and flavors you’ve probably never tasted.

Chocolate Monkey

The Chocolate Monkey is a great family destination full of bright colors, fun staff and creative candy concoctions. If you have kids, this would be a must candy shop. They’ve got merchandise, including plush monkeys, and rows upon rows of colorful candy to satisfy every child and adult with a sweet tooth. 


As the name implies, all this shop is sweets. The majority of this store is everything you remember from your childhood. The brands of candies will take you back in time. They also have newer candies. If you’re looking to recreate being a kid in a candy shop, Sweet is definitely the candy shop you need to try.

Kilwin’s Chocolates

Kilwin’s Chocolates doesn’t have just chocolates and candy, they have their own original recipe ice cream, too. You can watch their delicacies made in the traditional way every day. There are no machines when it comes to creating the chocolate on marble tables. Watch as they paddle and hand-dip their sweet treats.


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Pat and Don Kirchhoefer, owners