People of all ages enjoy playing games and winning points to get prizes. Read to discover some of the best arcades in Pigeon Forge.

Lazerport Fun Center

Lazerport Fun Center has a 10,000 square foot arcade full of games! You can race against your friends to see who has the fastest time. Lazerport has a huge selection of prizes, from lava lamps to tiny toy soldiers. After playing at the arcade, try the blacklight mini golf, or race on go karts. Or how about playing a game of laser tag.

Arcade City

Located in The Island in Pigeon Forge, Arcade City has modern games the kids will love, and you might even find some classic arcade games the adults will also love. Test your skee ball and basketball skills. Try to see who can get the highest score on a virtual racing game. Once you’re done playing, Then, trade your points for a prize. Everyone will have a blast at Arcade City! Don’t miss out on all the other fun things you can do at The Island too!

Big Top Arcade

There is entertainment for hours at Big Top Arcade in Pigeon Forge! Spin wheels to see if you can get the jackpot. Play against your friends. Play skee ball, virtual fishing, and knock down pins on other games. Ride a roller coaster simulator, or hunt dinosaurs on another game. Once you’ve used all the money loaded onto your card, take it to the prize counter to see how well you did and collect the prizes you want!

The Track

The arcade at The Track works similarly to the rest of the arcades mentioned here. Pay money to get a card, then load points onto the card. Each game requires a certain amount of points. There are racing cars and bad guys games. See if you have the skill to grab a prize from an e-claw machine. Some games release coins. The more coins in the bucket gives you more points on your card. The prize counter at The Track is full of things you’ll want to bring home. Don’t just stop at the arcade—you have to check out the go karts! Race against your family and friends to see who is the fastest. Everyone will also enjoy many of the other family and thrill rides at The Track!


You’ll love spending time at these arcades in Pigeon Forge! Then return to the cabin you are staying in with My Bearfoot Cabins to keep the day rolling along.
Pat and. Don Kirchhoefer, owners